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In 2015, a team of journalists, bloggers, social mediators, and technophiles with shared business and personal interests decided to launch a news and information medium that would employ a fresh style of communication. We chose, also, to be inclusive and far-ranging. Hence the name “gateway,” as in a gateway to the world, and/or to any topic our team or our partners choose to cover. For proprietary reasons, we do not wish to divulge our traits that make us different journalistically or thematically, but these reside mostly in the area of execution and not in subject matter. In that regard—subject matter—we hope to deliver news or information for any interest or taste. Gateway News Source e-publishes an editorial mix that is part curation, part aggregation, part feed-driven, and part original news-gathering and execution. We welcome submissions from freelancers and public relations entities. Please see our Contact Us page for information on how to submit. No phone calls, please.

Reproduction of contents in whole or in part without expressed written consent of the publisher is prohibited. All rights reserved.

Gateway News Source is headquartered in Abilene, Texas.

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